Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Social Media Goals of 2012 for This Girl's World

I am starting out this year with a fresh new blog aimed at issues concerning Girls and Women all over the world - from my own humble abode to the other side of the world and everywhere in between.  So, my goals, as of now, are a bit ambiguous.  The reason I'm starting the blog is (1) I have had an interest in issues of feminism and empowering girls and women for years, but have lost touch with that interest since graduating college and (2) I now have a two (soon to be three) year old daughter who I hope will be empowered not only by me, but by the world in which she grows up.  But, because the blog is relatively new, I am going to start with some simple goals.

First, I would like to post on a regular basis.  It may not be EVERY single day, but hopefully more days than not.  I tend to lose sight of things as I become bogged down with life and work.  But, I want to make this blog a priority.  And I know there is a ton to discuss in these areas, so there should be no shortage of subjects to discuss.  Just today, I was reading an article by Chas Freeman in the Middle East Policy journal (which I believe is a peer reviewed journal) and came across this quotation:
Julius Nyerere once remarked that 'small countries are like indecently dressed women; they tempt the evil-minded.'  This is all the more the case when they expose their soft spots to those who might have designs on them.
I could spend a whole post, maybe a couple, just talking about that quotation and the problems with it.  But, I will stay focused and set a couple of other Social Media Goals for 2012.  

Second, I would like to network with like-minded bloggers and writers to keep the ideas fresh and make the blog more of conversation than a monologue.  Although I have been blogging for a bit about my daughter's health problems and life as a parent (over at A Second Heart, if you're interested), I have not really been consistent and used it more as a reporting device than a social media outlet.  So, I would like to make sure that this blog becomes networked and discussions take place, both on the blog and with other blogs. 

Finally, I would like to attend a blogging conference of some kind.  I know there are a ton of them and there are some biggies out there.  But, I would like to attend (even a small) one this year - probably somewhere local (I imagine there has to be some in the Bay Area), both to learn more about the craft of blogging and how to be effective as a social activist online and to meet others who are doing similar things.  

So, there you have it.  In order to keep on track early on, I will be using the prompts from The Blog Dare 2012 on  This post was inspired by the first of those prompts!  I am looking forward to making this blog a success and for it being a place of activism, advocacy and education!


  1. So glad I came across your blog through The Blog Dare as issues concerning women and children are dear to my heart and I love networking with others who share that same passion.

  2. Great post! Im a new follower from bloggy moms.

    Check out my goals post!

  3. Stopping by from the BloggyMom Blog Dare!!! My posts for the Dare can be found @