Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing a Little Catch Up

I have fallen behind in posts for the Blog Dare.  I have been at debate tournaments for six of the last ten days and spent yesterday recovering and doing laundry.  So, today will be a bit of a catch up day for me.  I will choose not to post on some topics, that I just don't think I have something interesting to say...So, I think I left off with:

Jan. 4 - What I shouldn't have bought this holiday season

I am sure there are many things that I could have done without this holiday season.  The one thing I would list here is some Oro Gold Skincare products.  It was one of those days right before Christmas and I was in the mall for the only time this Christmas season (I did a good job of staying out of malls) and the guy at one of those little temporary kiosks got me and once I was there, I was not getting out without buying something.  I will say that I think I got a decent deal after checking online and the stuff seems to be pretty quality stuff and since I'm getting older, I need to take better care of my skin.  But, it was something that I definitely could have done without this holiday season.  But if you're looking for some quality skincare products and ready to spend some money, check them out.  I really do think the stuff is good.

Jan. 5 - Something Lost

I originally tried to write a post for this prompt on the fifth and ended up erasing what I had wrote because it seemed a little too forced.  So, I'm leaving this one unanswered.

Jan. 6 - My "special" Place

I am a lover of baths!  I definitely feel most relaxed when sitting in a hot bath full of bubbles and reading a book.  I don't get to do it very often (in fact, it seems like I rarely can take a shower without my two year old yelling at me to "get out" lately), but when I do it feel fantastic and I feel like a new person afterwards.  I really need to prioritize fitting these in more often.

Jan. 7 - Something you need daily - coffee?

Yep - I definitely need coffee daily.  Multiple times daily.  I love, love, love coffee.  And iced tea.  Once the coffee time of day passes, I drink iced teas until the day ends.  I get headaches and very cranky when I don't get my coffee and/or iced teas!

Jan. 8 - Too much television

Wow...can we just laundry list every one of my vices right now?!?  Coffee...and TV...I guess I could have worse vices.  My problem with television is it is much more of a "background" item than something I really have to watch.  I have discovered that Murder She Wrote is on Netflix - every season!  200+ episodes.  Its the perfect background show because the plots are simple and somewhat predictable, I love seeing all the stars of today when they were getting their start (George Clooney in No Laughing Matter, e.g.) and its just kind of kitsch, which I love.  But, I will play episode after episode as I'm working, cleaning, whatever.  Half the time I miss half the show, but it works.  I used to DVR a lot of stuff, but now I feel like I don't have time or energy to invest in paying that much attention.  Which probably means I should just not watch TV at all, but instead, I watch Murder She Wrote incessantly.  :)

Jan. 9 - I never thought I'd find this in my child's room...

An empty bed!  I never, ever, ever thought I would be one for the "family bed".  In fact, I remember chuckling about people who believed that before I had my daughter.  Now, her bed is empty a majority of the time and ours is full to the brim with her, the cat, me and my husband and sometimes the dog will join us...I didn't set out intending on sleeping being a family affair.  But, with my daughter's health problems, I think my husband and I were both paranoid about making sure she was breathing okay, keeping her from crying so hard she vomited (which still happens every once in a while), etc.  And now, its become a thing.  I'm sure we will have to transition away from it soon, but at this time, we are fighting battles with separation anxiety, fear of the dark, etc. so it all seems a bit much.  But, we will work at making year three the year of independent sleeping!

Jan. 10 - A favorite retro toy

Its not really a toy, but a game.  I love the game Clue!  Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock...the little tiny weapons...the game is just classic and fun!  I'm sure they have newer versions that are cooler (probably electronic clue "envelopes" or something), but I will always hold a special place in my heart for the old school version.  I remember begging my friends to play it at least once every time we would get together to play.  No one seemed to have quite the affinity for it as I did, but they would play it once with me.  It may have been a pre-cursor to my Murder She Wrote affinity...and my love of all things Nancy Drew.  Its a mystery kind of  theme in my life!

Okay...caught up!  Next post - today's actual prompt!

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