Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back to Making It A Girl's World!

Well, I originally started this blog three years ago with the best of intentions.  But, life got in the way (as it often does for a full-time working mom of a medically fragile child).  But, I feel like I'm back in a place where I can focus a bit on writing and when I thought about what I REALLY wanted to write about, it was the topic of this blog.  Making the world a better place for my DD and all the other girls out there who will be making their way through this world in the coming years.  There is a lot that needs to improve, but there are also a lot of opportunities to make those changes.  So, this is the (new) start...

So...what is a girl's world?

You may be asking this questions as you land on this website.  After all, shouldn't the world be for everyone?  The answer is yes, it should be.  But, as a woman, raising a daughter, I find that the world is still not totally open to a girl.  Sure, we've made progress.  We have a female candidate for President after all!  But, we also live in a rape culture where girls and women are sexualized at alarming rates.  We live in a world where girls are not allowed to attend school in some places.  We live in a world where women still shoulder the majority of parenting and housekeeping duties, even while working full time.  So, the goal of this blog is to be another voice, raising awareness and hopefully providing some possible solutions.  I want to highlight the good and identify the places where needs exist.  I want to connect those who hurt with those who can help.  I want to be an idea gardener for ways to make the world better fo the girls of today who will be the women of tomorrow. Like, my wonderful DD, pictured below.  

Make it a girls world